Vital Signs® is a community resource that builds knowledge, informs grant making, and identifies strategic priorities.
Peace Foundation Windsor
The Peace Fountain

In the 1990s, the WindsorEssex Community Foundation provided a significant investment in support of the Peace Fountain and surrounding waterfront area, helping to establish the fountain as one of the most recognizable elements of our waterfront landscape.



This is one of the several, annual Vital Signs® Reports that the WindsorEssex Community Foundation (WECF) have released to the community, enabling us to track trends overtime. The Vital Signs® Report outlines where the needs and strengths are in Windsor-Essex County, what the community priorities are, and it helps the WECF determine where we can have the greatest impact locally through our grant making.

Some of the Top Priorities identified in Vital Signs® 2024 Report include:

  • Improving access to mental health programs and services
  • Increasing opportunities for people to feel included and connected
  • Increasing professional opportunities for those seeking employment in the arts & cultural sector

Vital Signs® is a community resource that builds knowledge, informs grant making, and identifies strategic priorities.

Read the Report today to find out what makes Windsor-Essex County a great place to live, work, play and grow!

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The Vital Signs® Program is a community report that combines national, provincial, and local data with residents’ views on important local issues. This report is a catalyst to engage our community in an ongoing dialogue about who we are, what we do, why we do it, and where it can lead. This is the seventh year the WECF has been part of the national Vital Signs® program. The results are combined with other data from sources such as Statistics Canada to create an all-encompassing report for our region.

The WECF has used the Vital Signs® program to engage Windsor-Essex residents in a deeper exploration of issues and trends that affect and influence community vitality. Our annual survey delves into resident’s thoughts on the quality of life in Windsor-Essex’s focusing on 11 key issue areas. The survey results are published in the Vital Signs® Report providing our residents with the opportunity to learn about their region, reflect on how we’re doing, and inspire conversation and communication.

Residents, businesses, community organizations, educational institutions and government leaders use Vital Signs® to learn about community needs, and direct resources where they will have the greatest impact.


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Click on the link below to take the survey today:

2024 Vital Signs Survey

*** Survey will be open until Friday, August 9th, 2024 ***

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2024 Vital Signs Sponsorship Package

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Vital Signs®


Vital Signs®


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Vital Signs®


Vital Signs is a community report that combines national and local data, with residents’ views on important issues based on a local survey. This report starts conversations between community members, leaders and organizations to inspire change in our community to make it a better place to live, work, play, and grow. Vital Signs, initially started in the late 1990s by the Toronto Community Foundation, became national under the auspices of Community Foundations of Canada in 2006. For more information regarding the Vital Signs® program, visit the national Vital Signs website:

The Vital Signs® Survey is released in May of each active year.

The Vital Signs® Report is released in October of each active year.

You can view other city’s reports through Community Foundations of Canada’s website:

We encourage people of all ages and demographics to take time to read through the Vital Signs® report as the content affects everyone living in Windsor-Essex. The report is intended to be utilized as a learning resource to initiate conversation for change in our community. If you are using the Vital Signs® report, we want to hear from you! E-mail to share your story.

Who can use this report? EVERYONE!

Teachers: Use the report as a learning tool for your students. The data presented in this report affects your students—make them aware. Initiate conversation about what your students can do to create opportunity for change

Politicians: The Vital Signs® report is a great campaign tool. You can use this report to highlight the areas needing attention in our community. Let Windsor-Essex residents kno0w their voices are being heard.

Charities: Use this report to understand where opportunities are in the Windsor-Essex community. Learn about where Windsor-Essex residents’ needs are concerning your particular organization.

Parents: Use this report to get your family more engaged in the Windsor-Essex community. If you are unsure of opportunities that exist in this region, this report should provide you with a more in-depth idea of what the Windsor-Essex community has to offer. Take advantage of this knowledge—explore Windsor-Essex with your family!