Arts Council Windsor & Region
in Collaboration with
The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective Group

**Photo taken by Bryan Jessop – Southpoint Sun

Four youth leaders part of a group known as the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, submitted an application for their Beyond Border Project in collaboration with the Arts Council Windsor & Region.

The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, is a group of young writers, musicians, visual artists, graphic designers, students, and arts activists living, learning and working in Windsor and Essex County. Whose mission is to nurture creative development by fostering connections within the community and strive to enrich the artistic culture in their community through youth engagement. This group of change makers reinforce their mission through workshops, art festivals, exhibitions and programs that contribute to the artistic fabric of our community.

The Arts Council Windsor & Region is a non-profit organization that serves all disciplines of individual artists, arts organizations and non-arts partners in promoting, developing and realizing creative activity. Their energies are focused on providing our community with valuable services like Artspeak Gallery, Artwork workshops, Individual grant consultation, an in-office resource library, and their website, which hosts resources, a community arts calendar, and the weekly arts notes newsletter.

The Arts Council Windsor & Region in collaboration with the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective has been awarded a grant of $3,300 to support the Beyond Borders Project. This project aims to bring together community groups from across Windsor-Essex County through a sketchbook share and encourages everyone to share their lived experiences through written word, imagery, photography and other forms of expression that can be communicated through the sketchbooks in order to break language barriers and open lines of communication.