At the WindsorEssex Community Foundation, we are incredibly fortunate that so many people donated their time, money and energy to us. Some are now taking their contributions one step further, by including the Foundation in their wills and estate plans.

There are many reasons to consider a legacy gift. It is a great way to ensure your memory lives on. It is also a way of acknowledging an organization that has had an impact on your life or the lives of those important to you while helping the charity to continue their important work. In addition, there are the financial benefits associated with charitable contributions.

Here are some tips to consider as you plan your legacy.
1. Talk to your family – make sure that your family members are aware of your intentions so they can support the achievement of your charitable goals.
2. Get Professional Advice – A financial advisor can help you explore various legacy options to find the best fit for you and your family. Once you have made your decisions, a lawyer can put together a will
3. Talk to the WindsorEssex Community Foundation

Why should you leave a legacy?
You have the use of your assets during your lifetime.
You can ensure that your gift is meaningful to you.
Your estate will receive a beneficial tax receipt.
Your gift can be altered at any time should your circumstances change.


Agency Endowment Funds at the WindsorEssex Community Foundation allow registered charities a safe and efficient way to establish their own Endowment Fund while benefiting from the Foundation’s investment and administrative expertise. By establishing an Agency Endowment Fund at the WindsorEssex Community Foundation, registered charities are provided with long-term financial stability.

Click HERE to review our Agency Endowment Funds package for more information on Agency Endowment Funds and the many benefits it can have for organizations.