Windsor Residence for Young Men

Photo taken by: Simon Wyn Edwards – Snap’d Windsor

Windsor Residence for Young Men is a charitable organization helping homeless young-men, 16-24 years of age, find the pride in themselves and the confidence in their future necessary to seize the rewards of a productive life which contributes to our community. Windsor Residence for Young Men helps young men overcome homelessness and build new lives.  Learn more about Windsor Residence for Young Men

The Windsor Residence for Young Men has been awarded a grant of $26,186 on behalf of GSC Six4Six Community Granting Initiative to support their Youth Independence Program. This program targets youth who require knowledge and guidance in acquiring the life-skills and competencies necessary to ensure a successful transition into independence, while instilling resiliency and self-confidence in participants. The consequences of youth living in poverty are well documented and, in addition to mental health issues existing or acquired, include increased rates of risk for addiction, suicide, physical health issue, and homelessness. Early intervention in providing youth the necessary life-skills required for success will reduce the significant societal harm that can occur once episodic or chronic homelessness takes place. By collaborating with St. Michael’s and Catholic Central schools, the program will increase accessibility for secondary school credits to students who may not be “classroom ready” or have been unsuccessful with traditional forms of learning in the past.  An estimated 80 “at risk” youth, 16-24 years of age, will benefit from this program funding which includes staffing needs, program supplies, facility costs, and program monitoring.