Family Services Windsor-Essex

Family Services Windsor-Essex is a non-profit, charitable organization serving Windsor-Essex County, they provide counselling and support services to help individuals, couples and families manage their daily lives. Family Services Windsor-Essex helps people deal with a wide range of challenges, from arising issues, to past events, as well as injustices such as trauma, poverty, disabilities, exclusion and discrimination. They provide strategies to resolve conflicts, address personal problems and help people live their lives independently in the community. Learn more about Family Services Windsor-Essex

Family Services Windsor-Essex has been awarded a grant of $61,000 on behalf of the GSC Six 4 Six Community Granting Initiative to support their Mental Health & Wellbeing for Newcomers project. The projects purpose is to improve the mental health of newcomers in Windsor-Essex County by employing a trauma informed program of mental health and wellness. The grant includes funding for 1060 hours of direct clinical intervention, as well as training on psychological first aid and train-the-trainer sessions, and wellness materials including translations.