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Vitality Legacy Program


When Considering Your Options for Giving in Memory of a Loved One, Choose the Vitality Legacy Program

The Vitality Legacy Program was established by the WindsorEssex Community Foundation, as a donor endowment fund, to allow individuals an opportunity to make a memorial monetary donation in honour of someone, to benefit various fields of interest to build a better community.

As the fund is managed under the case of the WECF, monetary donations are held in perpetuity and only the proceeds from investments are distributed to worthy charities through a grant process. Therefore your donation becomes your legacy.

The Following Fields of Interest That the Community Foundation will Ensure are Supported Through Your Donation:

  • Health Care, Welfare & Human Service
    Supporting physical and mental well-being, encouraging healthy lifestyle choice and promoting initiatives that encourage physical activity
  • Children & Youth Development
    Providing opportunities for young people in our community to flourish and create positive futures
  • Education & Literacy
    Creating and nurturing opportunities to develop and enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies throughout the Windsor-Essex population
  • Environment
    Advocating for the protection and enhancement of the natural and material beauty of our community
  • Recreation & Sport
    Enabling and encouraging community members to organize and participate in meaningful body-healthy activities
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
    Contributing to the diversity and richness of collective life by patronizing a wide variety of artistic exhibitions, sociocultural events and meaningful community activities