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Inspiration 100TM

100 People | Infinite Possibilities

Inspiration 100TM is an exclusive group of community-minded leaders, each contributing either $2,500 a year for 10 years or $20,000 upfront, to add to the Inspiration 100TM Endowment Fund held at the WECF. Although originally a program of the Foundation, Inspiration 100TM has developed into an association that’s trademarked with its own policies and bylaws. As with all endowment funds at the WECF, all donations to the fund are held in perpetuity and only the interest earned from investment is used to grant back to Windsor-Essex. Inspiration 100TM members meet annually to discuss and vote on disbursement of earnings. As the Endowment Fund continues to grow, the group’s members plan to create even bigger impact in Windsor-Essex long-term.

Inspiration 100TM Grantees

To date, Inspiration 100 TM has welcomed 100 local community philanthropists into the Association and within the past five years has invested a total of $215,000 to 33 local charities within Windsor-Essex.  This investment is broad and has benefited many avenues and local organizations from arts & culture, recreation, environment, mental health, our seniors, youth, food security, and more. With the fund reaching a million within five years, the Association will continue to invest in more local charities to help fund programs and initiatives that help support community development, work to address the major themes and issue areas highlighted in the WECF’s Vital Signs Report and ensure long-term impact and support of Windsor-Essex County.  

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