Agency Endowment Funds can provide organizations with long-term financial stability
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Is your organization continuously fundraising throughout the year? Establishing an Agency Endowment Fund with the WindsorEssex Community Foundation is a long-term solution to this – it’s a simple and efficient way to build income for your organization with very little effort. Our experienced staff can help you develop planned giving programs and assist with investment management, administrative oversight, and marketing.

How it works:

  • Your organization determines how much to invest long term.
  • Your organization and the WindsorEssex Community Foundation create a fund agreement.
  • The WindsorEssex Community Foundation handles the administrative investment details and your organization receives regular statements on the fund.
  • You can add to the fund at any time and your donors can make gifts to the Community Foundation restricted to the fund (each gift is fully tax deductible).
  • The endowment fund is invested over time. Earnings from the fund are available on an annual basis for use by your organization. Your gift and all future earnings from your gift is a permanent source of community capital, helping you to do good work forever.

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WindsorEssex Community Foundation tree planting

Volunteers plant trees at the opening of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation Community Entrance to the Cypher Systems Greenway, a 40th anniversary community investment project with Essex Region Conservation Authority.